About Douglas

Douglas Blasdell was born on December 14, 1962. He grew up in Arbucale, California with his parents Skip and Dianna Blasdell, his sister Sandy and his Grandmother Norma. In high school, Doug played the trumpet in the Pierce High School band. He came to Southern California where he attended USC and fell in love with the Trojans where he graduated with a Business degree.

Doug’s interest in Health and Fitness flourished. He grew his business as a personal trainer and became one of Hollywood’s sought-after trainers and spin instructors. He carried his experience in personal fitness into the reality TV world with Bravo’s program “Workout”.

Doug impacted the lives of many friends. He brought out the best in people and showed compassion for the world; he encouraged community participation regarding dedication to a cause or just being alone with a friend -- enjoying endless conversation about everything and sometimes just being a good listener.

Doug’s life will continue to be celebrated through his family and friend’s memories and the LACC Foundation, Douglas Blasdell Outreach Program.

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